Gothic Text files Poem by Orion

and old enough to be fresh again - like laundry.

stop to pause
 upon your altar.
love the stillness
 more than ever.
catch the soul
 that's reaching upward,
call the others
 down to get her.

        carolyn was screaming softly at the gates of woe.

say hello
to the winds
and the snow;
and the rain
and the tears
and the dust.

look again
to another day
where hope 
isn't even a sin.
and turn around
and make your way
through the crops
and the blood
and the trust.


        tell me your troubles,
        lend me your trust.
        now turn into rubble,
        and rubble 'til dust.

KIll me gently, Kiss me hard.

go into brikstone;
wade unto darkness.
don't look around you,
wait untill darkness
(spawned from Simple Minds)

        craning to smell the blood
        slender in her muscles, and
        whispering the abdomen
        in threads of sweat.

  You have yet to go
and you'll never be Thirty again.
and the fog in your bones
 leaves rocks in your eyes
  and trickles away
   with your friends.

Fridays and Saturdays and usually
Wednesdays are devoted to introspection.
Thursdays we have Rain.  Tuesdays are 
eaten swift and evenly.  Fridays we
have wind and sun whereas Mondays 
we have only Sun.  Nighttimes are all 

        i'll fill your mind
          with carnal knowledge
        fill your tongue
          with dirty needles
        then stuff your nose
          with silly putty
          attatch it to your butt.

strung out in heaven's globe, spinning a long time..

it's the ugly pilgrim
it's the ribbon of darkness
and it's the voice of Shadow
  in us all

it's the secret weakness
it's the rythm of madness
it's the light of Big Despair
  upon the wall

yeah it's the eye of treachery
it's the path of evil
it's the flaming tenderness
  within us all

it's the withered passion
it's the empty nightgown
it's the fear of nothing
  whirling in us all.

are you still hoping?
are you still feeling ?
are you still breathing   tonight?

 have the worms descended ?
 are your limbs in a tremble,
 have they pulled you to earth with their fright ?

well the daylight is ended
 the world is up-ended
  there's nothing to touch
   but yourself.

so stand straight
    fuck them all
     be a lover, cuz after all-
   you're alone in the chaos, tonight.
Orion Wilson