Gothic net.goth Gallery

Consider this a net.goth gallery for the Class of '94. It has been ages since I've updated this page, and its rather pointless now to try and add any goth with an email address and a picture here, as thats pretty much everybody on the planet, rather than some elite group. I'm not adding anyone new anymore, but feel free to poke around for a bit of nostalgia

Sexbat Rob Ian Pete Nic NV Digitar Simon Rog Arianna Blue kwxzzt Jess Holly Bat Gina Shelley Joel Orion Moomin Laura Ophelia Scotty Ivo Payn Gabriel Reg8 MikeHell Shade Orren Thomas Nyctopile Oolon Gary.B Mike.C Heather David Lee Silent


In addition to the above individual pictures, there are also a few collections of group pictures. An alt.gothic photo album, if you will...

And a couple quick pics of the Perth Goths....