Gothic What's New

12 October 2002: Did lots of random work in the last couple years, but recently revamped the club database system with a new format, and started the converstion of the content to XHTML/CSS.

1 September 2000: Finally removed refernces to the former hosts at and from the home page, and did a few tweaks to the templates for the club listing, which seems to be the most popular area now.

9 July 1999: So, this site does actually have updates more often than every six months, but I dont always list the minor things like the regular changes to the club listing. I did however add a couple interviews to the Text Files area today.

23 November 1998: Added the ability to cross link sections in the "Resources" section so some subject can now be a subsection of multiple areas (again, like Yahoo).

12 April 1998: Fixed a few more of the header/footers and remove the text versions of the photo indexes in the NetGoths area.

8 April 1998: Gave the site a newish look with a change in the header/footer of most pages, and a new style sheet. There are some pages in the NetGoth area and the Text Files area, but most are done. The new automated, yahoo-like "Resources" section has been running for a few weeks now as well.

18 February 1998: Added the "You Might be a goth if ..." article to the Text section.

6 February 1998: Sized down some overly large jpg images and cleaned up some old broken links.

14 December 1997: Added a bunch of bands and labels to the resources listing page.

5 December 1997: Still addding new more and more new entries to the club listing. Changed some wording on the main page and the club page.

25 November 1997: Finally got around to totally revamping the club database system. Its now more cgi driven and easier to update. Each club has its own page generated and the update form is automatically filled with the old data to correct. I've moved over a good chunk of the old listings I thought were still valid.

6 November 1997: Edited the club listings for New Orleans, added a few bands to the resources page.

20 May 1997:Added Ghost Dance to the band listing.

8 May 1997:Added Near Death Experience to the band listing. Also cleaned up some dead links a few weeks back.

22 January 1997:Added Stone 588 and The Last Dance to the band listing.

5 January 1997:Cleaned up some HTML and made a few edits to the club listing and resources pages.

22 October 1996: Moved the links for the individual images in the Gothic Image Gallery back to the server at to save some bandwidth thru

22 September 1996: Started linking in style sheets

16 September 1996: Cut out some dead sites in the resource listing

August 1996: Nothing major

27 July 1996: Added two reviews for Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Bright

26 July 1996: More club entries

11 July 1996: Changed some formatting on the club list page, fixed a couple typos and made some additions. Also fixed a broken image on the images section.

1 July 1996: Added Gothic Gardening to the text files area.

30 June 1996: Fixed the club submission form so that it actually works again. Also temporarily tweaked the java script at the bottom of each file so new netscape 3.0b's dont gag on it. Added a few clubs as well.

23 February 1996: The domain name request finally went thru so I'm starting the transition to the new address. Hopefully I'll never have to do this again now. here we come.

10 February 1996: Made some graphical changes, fixed the headers and footers on a bunch of pages to use Javascript. Added the Goth Code to the text section, TAB3 to the Zines area and some other small mods.

28 January 1996: Been moving things over for the new URL. Changed some of the lastmod ref's to a Javascript, and updated the club area a bit. Also gave a new texture to the Darkside stuff.

December 1995: Didn't change a single thing. (Yea, right! I changed tons of minor stuff but never took the time to log it here.)

14 November 1995: Added a loveliescrushing interview from Dreampop to the Text Files section. Also did a bunch more clubs but I always forget to add a mention here. Basically the club section is always in flux now. Amazing what 30k/hits a day will generate.

14 October 1995: Yup, more club updates. Also updated the Music links and general clean up on the resources list.

2 October 1995: Created a page with info about Neil Gaiman's reading from his book Angels and Visitations Halloween night.

4 September 1995: Updated the credits paragraph Death and Sandman Images page.

2 September 1995: Updated Corey's Gothic Handbook (list of goth bands and descriptions) in text archive and added a few more club updates.

27 August 1995: Finally added Corey's version of the Sisters Discog to the text archive. Still needs to be properly HTML-ized. Oh, and a few more club updates too.

14 August 1995: Even more clubs to the club listings - I finally caught up on all the old submissions!

12 August 1995: More clubs to the club listings.

30 July 1995: Added a number of Danielle Dax images provided by Gary Paul Slegg <> to the archive.

3 July 1995: Added Projekt to the Resources list, updated the club listings and ran the new version of weblint 1.008 on some pages and cleaned em up. Finally moved over a bunch of images in the Temp area to the Image Database, including a number of Sisters of Mercy Photos and a bunch of Death Image - and a few misc in other pages.

24 June 1995: Added Anaconda to the Club list.

23 June 1995: Added a few more clubs and a few more peopel to the pages.

20 June 1995: Well, it looks like the URL for the Gothic Home Page was printed in the July issue of "the Net" (pg 34) with a nice color photo and a pretty good review. I souped up the index page a bit and made some additional links from the Image sub-sections to the main Image index page.

18 June 1995: Added a few more images into the Temp Directory to be added when I get the chance. Also changes the backgorund textures slightly and other minor revisions and additions. Also added a link to Digitar's home page.

11 June 1995: Added a few more clubs and created a page for Australian clubs. Also made some minor layour changed to the main page.

10 June 1995: Dunno why I'm doing any of this, I have plenty of work to be doing ... but I've changed the layout of People on the resources page, and added a few new entries. Also added a new image to my personal Art page.

9 June 1995: Added more club reviews - this thing is getting massive!

6 June 1995: Added another credit to the page of Death and Sandman Images - Greg Schwartz pointed out that death-cv.gif is by Charles Vess. Also updated the link to Stuarts page and a few other layout changes here and there.

23 May 1995: You.. been lazy with the history log again. A few more clubs added to the list and updated some old links to TMitG page. Oh, and check out the totally ungoth site that I did for FOX - the Simpsons "Who Shot Mr. Burns" site if you wonder where all my time has been going instead of here.

12 May 1995: Got lazy and forgot to keep logs of some of the more recent, although minor, changes. Added a few new club entries today.

7 April 1995: More entries to the club list.

6 April 1995: What?! My email address changed again!? Yea, I've got a new job and mail works at Dimension X now, so my email address had to be fixed everywhere again. Its now or They're all the same machines. Figured we had to be cool like Netscape and get multiple domains that just refer to the exact same machines. Other various cosmetic changes that most people will also never notice fixed as well.

4 April 1995: Added a few more entries to the club listings - still trying to catch up with the pile of new ones. If you notice any clubs that really are not that goth, let me know. I dont exactly have the resources to check them all out, hell I havent had the time to even read alt.gothic recently. Fixed a bunch of broken links in the Images section as well.

22 March 1995: Added Gotham Nights to the club listings.

21 March 1995: Added Bedlam to the club list. Cleaned up some background references after realizing that Netscape 1.1b changed their implementation of the BODY attribute RGB to BGCOLOR, and other minor adjustments. A couple new additions to the club list, resources section, as well as the addition of another disclaimer on the Image Archive. And to think that I once wanted to be a lawyer.... *sigh*

14 March 1995: Dont you hate it when your email address changes? Updated a billion references to and to point to

7 March 1995: Finally added a bunch of images to the Death and Sandman Images page that have been laying around a long time. Also added "The Bat in the Hat" by Sexbat to the text archive. Update some of the club list entries though there are plenty more I still need to do.

6 March 1995: Netscape 1.1b released! Woo! Woo! So all the neato background textures show up, more tables on pages, lots of links in the resources section. Slightly new layout in a number of places and lots o updates. The club list is now divided into sections, as is the guest book. Fixed up some title bars.

17 February 1995: Went wild with new tables and background textures.

11 February 1995: Got my butt in gear and started moving this place and cleaning it up. Lots of little changes, to many to log (read: lazy).

20 December 1994: Added the Legendary Pink Dots Home Page to the resources section.

November 1994: NADA! I got a cool job and moved to San Francisco.

23 October 1994: Added a bunch of Danielle Dax images, some small changes to the resources page and updated the discographies.

16 October 1994: Added a guest book where you can leave your mark. Wonder how long before this page gets totally outta hand.

8 October 1994: Added a poem, Built To Last by Orren Merton, and Sexbat's Guide to Dueling to the Death on Hampstead Heath to the Text Files section.

30 September 1994: Added Musikcafeen to the club list.

25 September 1994: Added a bunch of new entries to the net.goth gallery. More images in the Misc and the Christian Death of the image database. Also added a HTML'ized version of the Zombie - The Gibbering (tm) rules, and Corey's Gothic Music List to the Text Files section.

19 September 1994: Added a couple new entries to the International Gothic Club List: The Chamber, and Soil.

5 September 1994: Created a page for "SF Goth trip to LA" (hows that for a horrible title?) pictures. Expanded the Image archive with a number of new images, and a separate Skinny Puppy page.

4 September 1994: Wow, been a good while since the last series of additions... added a Dead Can Dance interview to the list of interviews and added Christian Death - A Brief Introduction Christian Death - A History According to Valor to the info section.

18 August 1994: Added Octan to the international gothic club listing.

12 August 1994: Updated the club listings and put in the Death In June Discography.

10 August 1994: Put in a short blurb on the upcoming Siouxsie album, Rapture.

6 August 1994: Added Laszlo's lengthly list of luxury smokes to the resources section.

3 August 1994: Included my first video clip! Available in both Quicktime format [656k] and MEPG format [120k] on the SF Goth trip page

2 August 1994: Added the text version of the new TAB, as well as the text versions of issues 1 - 5 of Corey's Egozine.

29 July 1994: Revamped a number of pages, and added a few links and updated a few descriptions of existing links. Generally cleaned up some of my older, "less proper" HTML.

27 July 1994: TONS of stuff added and changed. Added Moomin13 to the net.goth gallery, created a page for The Hat pictures, the Kontrol Faktory Cyberball pictures and finally added the pictures from the last SF trek from LA. Put in a page for The Crow pictures. Also implemented many of Shelley's edits.

20 July 1994: Put the Bauhaus and Legendary Pink Dots discographies, two short stories, Roadkill and The Tattoo by Laura Lemay and a short bit called Sexus by A. Dominy-Cusraque in the text files area.

19 July 1994: Added Stuart's Hotlist to the resources page.

16 July 1994: Added a link from the resources page to the Cocteau Twins home page.

7 July 1994: Added the Perkygoff FAQ, Sisters of Mercy FAQ, Makeup Tips for the Bleak and a poem 'and old enough..' by Orion Wilson to the text files area. Completely re-did the net.goth gallery. Added new people and redid all the inline images and their links. Also added a number of new Siouxsie and The Banshees images to the image database.

5 July 1994: Added the Coil, Skinny Puppy, Cocteau Twins and the Swans discographies to the discography section and a list of mercahdise from the LA Coroner's Office to the text files area.

2 July 1994: Added a link to Christa's Homepage in the Other Gothic Resources section.

22 June 1994: Added another Sisters of Mercy interview to the interviews section. Also added a link in the resources section to a listing of Cure Lyics.

17 June 1994: Put in a number of scanned photos from a Kontrol Faktory net.goth get together. Also added an entry for Payn on the net.goth gallery

9 June 1994: Added a reviews of Black Tape for a Blue Girl's Rope. Also added The Teargarden to the club list.

4 June 1994: Added an entry to Heather Busby's Home Page in the Gothic Resources section.

31 May 1994: Fixed a couple typos in links on the Other Gothic Resources page that were pointed out by Jon Ribbens (

27 May 1994: Added a few more reviews, including Black Tape for a Blue Girl's Mesmerized by the Sirens, Eden's Healingbow, Helios Creed's Busting Through The Van Allan Belt, Soul Whirling Somewhere's Eating The Sea and Lycia's Wake. Also added Joy Division file with a FAQ and discography and The Fields of the Nephilim FAQ File

24 May 1994: Added a few new entries to the gothic mailing addreses ('zines, stores, info, etc..) and 2 reviews to the Text Files section.

22 May 1994: Added a page of gothic mailing addreses ('zines, stores, info, etc..) and 2 reviews to the Text Files section.

21 May 1994: Added a bunch of pictures to the net.goth gallery from Monday night at Kontrol Fakotry. Lord Purge, Mistress Ophelia, Ivo and even VampLestat (me?) are there.

19 May 1994: Added a review of Lycia's Ionia to the Text Files section.

16 May 1994: Added Three Interviews with Sisters Of Mercy to the Text Files section.

10 May 1994: Added betty crocker death rock post to the Text Files section.

8 May 1994: Upgraded the server on gothic to NCSA's httpd version 1.3.

1 May 1994: Added a couple files to the Text Files section and fixed a couple typos.

26 April 1994: Added 2 more images to the Sisters of Mercy Artwork Images page. Added new images to the net.goth gallery and placed Nyctophile's Home Page back in the Resources page.

24 April 1994: Added the Christian Death discography from the Christian Death Home Page to the Text Files section. Fixed a few typos and miss directed links.

19 April 1994: Made the Resources page separate from the index page. Removed the link to Gateway to Darkness as it is permanently down, and re-directed the link for Nyctophile's picture.

16 April 1994: Added incomplete entries for House of Usher and Death Guild to the club listing.

11 April 1994: Upgraded the NCSA http server on gothic to version 1.2. Added entries for the Slimelight, Sanctuary, Full Tilt and Planet Earth in the club listing.

8 April 1994: Split the Sisters Of Mercy Image Page into two parts, the Sister Logo Page and the Sisters Photo Page. Added in links to the Sisterhood and March Violets Home Pages. Added a fillout form for new entries in the goth club listing.

6 April 1994: Added David House to the net.goth gallery and put in and entry for Rog's "The Machine I The Garden" Home Page in the Gothic Home Page.

1 April 1994: Added a poem by to the text files section.

30 March 1994: Added a few links to existing pages in the intro paragraph on the Gothic Home Page for faster access. Also added the link in to this page.

27 March 1994: Cleaned up the Goth Club listing quite a bit and fully HTML-ized it. Added Mike Hell and Orion to to the net.goth gallery and started adding email addresses to the pics. Added list of acsii Sexbats to the text files section.

25 March 1994: Finally started this "What's New" list and gave the entire gothic section a facelift after learning a bit about Kai's Power Tools. Added Joel, Ian, Lee, Digitar, and Simon to the net.goth gallery.